– Fill with 3.5” of water/ice combination. Replace handle tightly. – Empty air space inside the bottle is needed to pressurize, do not overfill. – Be sure lanyard is not caught in the threads. – Pressurize with easy-to-use hand pump. – Stop pumping when you feel resistance.

– For misting, turn the brass nozzle tip counter clockwise. Rotate the tip clockwise for a tighter spray or stream. -Thumb trigger controls on-off operation. – Relieve pressure by unscrewing handle.

– ECO-FRIENDLY, no motors or batteries.


– Do not leave in hot car, or place in freezer or dishwasher. – Always de-pressurize when not in use. – May represent choking hazard to children under 3 years of age. – Do not drink directly from mister bottle.

– The Mister Kool spray bottle is NOT a toy! Any combination of over-filling and over-pressurizing may cause bottle to crack and/or burst in rare cases.

MISTER KOOL, LLC, is not responsible for the misuse of this product and recommends a parent or guardian explain to minors how to safely operate the mister and supervise its use as required.


– The Mister Kool spray bottle is shipped with a matching color lanyard and insulating sleeve to chill the mister for hours. – Mister bottles, the pump handle assembly, lanyards and sleeves can all be COLOR MATCHED to your favorite team colors.

– To activate the warranty process, send a photograph of the defective mister to staykool@misterkool.net. We will then contact you with specific instructions on how to obtain a replacement. – If you are not 100% satisfied with your Mister Kool purchase, you can return your order for a full refund up to 60 days from the purchase date. Returned or exchanged products must be in original condition.

Problem: Filled Mister doesn’t pressurize.
Solution A: – The black O-Ring fell out of the handle and is most likely on the ground at your feet. If still missing, order a Nozzle Kit which includes a complete nozzle, extra tip, and an O-Ring. $4.50 including shipping.

Solution B: – The large filler tube is not tight. Tighten as necessary.

Solution C: – The bottle might have a crack in the neck. To check this; first, make sure there is an O-Ring in the handle. Then fill a sink with water and do not put any water in the bottle and pump it about 20 times, then submerge the bottle completely under the water. If you see any bubbles coming from the neck, order a replacement bottle for $5.50 plus shipping.


Problem: Mister keeps spraying and won’t stop.
Solution: Tighten the nozzle.

Problem: Mister drips from the tip every now & then.
Solution: Replace the white seal in the nozzle. This is free, call us.

Problem: Mister emits a steady stream instead of a fine mist.
Solution: This usually indicates a clogged nozzle; these nozzles are very sensitive to hard water, and you should only use purified or distilled water in your mister to preserve the life of the nozzle. Tap the nozzle on a hard surface to dislodge any mineral accumulation or try soaking the nozzle in distilled white vinegar overnight. In the event these methods do not restore your nozzle’s function, order a Nozzle Kit. $4.50 including shipping.

Problem: We lost the brass tip to our Mister and/or dropped the bottle and broke the nozzle assembly.
Solution: Order a Nozzle Kit which includes a complete nozzle, extra tip, and an O-Ring. $4.50 including shipping.

Problem: Mister was over-pumped and the bottle cracked.
Solution: Order a replacement bottle for $5.50 plus shipping.